Downtown Portland is a thriving metropolis, offering all the fun of a cultured city, while also being a fantastic place to live on a safe, quiet street, with access to beautiful parks and great schools.

Portland's access to two of the most beautiful rivers in America offers a plethora of fun river activities, from river cruising to hiking to fishing.

Did we mention spectacular waterfalls? Hiking the Columbia Gorge will reveal incredible sights, including breathtaking waterfalls, historic bridges and lush meadows full of colorful spring flowers.

You can't think of Oregon without thinking of fishing. Specifically, salmon fishing. Salmon run in Oregon's streams twelve months out of the year! It's an angler's paradise.

Proximity to the majestic Mount Hood rounds out Portland's year-round recreational offerings. You can enjoy all manner of snow activities just a short drive from Portland.

Exploring the Oregon coast is a unique and adventurous experience. Whether you enjoy discovering hidden treasures in a tidepool or watching a spectacular sunset, the beach is just an hour and a half away.


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